Sheffield’s Kell Brook’s handlers have to work on his mindset as well as his body

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KELL Brook’s handlers say they have to nourish the fighter’s mind - as well as his body - to help secure him a world title.

The Sheffielder’s three-round battering of Argentina’s Hector Saldivia opened a door to a crack at the IBF welterweight belt.

It has been well documented that Brook’s victory was built on a new conditioning and nutrition regime. But the road to getting him to where he is has been about stimulating his mind as well as body.

Trainer Dom Ingle, who has known Brook since he was nine, said: “You always knew he had a performance like that in him (against Saldivia.) Its coaxing it out of him. You have to set him challenges. That’s what he gets worked up about.

“I noticed he’d had a lull after the NDou and Matthew Hatton fights because of the names and his performances - the Carson Jones fight was a bit of an anti-climax. But he came into (the Saldivia) training camp a stone lighter than he ever has been before.

“It was a pleasure training him. Everything we wanted him to do he could do, it wasn’t just exercise in losing weight.”

Brook struggled during the Jones points win in July.

“The best thing that could have happened to him was the Jones fight, I am glad it happened,” said Ingle. “He got his nose bust; it was a rough ride. A few things came under question but he was either going to learn from that and come out stronger or he would make an excuse and do something else. Kell had the gypsy’s warning and came out of it a stronger, better fighter. He trained to perfection.

“Next time before the world title, he is going to push that much harder and will come out another level again.”