Sheffield’s Kell Brook has the appetite to become a world champ

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THERE aren’t many people in Grenoside who feast daily on fillet steak and broccoli.

Especially at breakfast time.

Yet that’s part of the regime - the best part, actually - that Kell Brook has been sampling since his nutrition and conditioning programme was handed over to experts.

Nutrition expert David Stache of S1 Supplements in Sheffield has revolutionised everything Brook has been eating ahead of his October 20 battle with Argentina’s Hector Saldivia.

The programme was brought in after Brook ran out of steam against Carson Jones in July.

And Brook is loving his grub. “Everything I put my knife and fork into has been organised by David” says the world title chaser.

“He has full control over my diet during the training camp. I have eaten things I’ve never had before and have loved the new things I have tried. I never know what David has got in store for me. I am actually eating more things than I was before yet I am losing weight and flying in training.”

Brook says he usually gets an email detailing his dietary requirements.

“I am also getting better at actually cooking the stuff too - I’m a proper Jamie Oliver.”

The proof of the pudding, though, is in how Brook can develop in the ring.

“I know I made a mess of my preparation for the Carson Jones fight” acknowledged the 26-year old. “I started training camp too heavy and started ‘kicking it up’ too late. I learned from the bad camp and all the problems have been addressed. You cannot mess about at elite level and I am looking forward to seeing what I can do, myself.

“I know I’ve said things were alright in the past, but there have been a lot of changes and believe me everything is bang on, this time. Everything has been done to a schedule. No stone has been left unturned and I’ve been pushed harder than ever before.”

Parson Cross amateur club started the season with two wins in Newcastle.

Callum Bennett unanimously outpointed Lewis Oxley and Ben Pickering outpointed Arthur Dolan in his first contest.