Sheffield prospect Adam gets Witter treatment

Adam Etches: spars with ex world champ Junior
Adam Etches: spars with ex world champ Junior
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ADAM Etches has raw power.

With an 81 per cent KO rate, that’s pretty obvious.

What the Sheffield middleweight needs now is an education and grounding to hone his skill-set into that of an international champion. Who could help him achieve this? Step forward one Junior Witter.

He’s a former WBC lightwelter world champion - but right now he is an old dog teaching new tricks. Etches, who seeks his first title at Ponds Forge on Saturday, says he’s learned more from Witter than any other sparring partner at the Ingle gym.

The senior boxer may be 39 years old but he’s still got the brain of an elite fighter.

“When you get older you lose certain attributes, probably more the hunger, than anything else,” said Etches, 22. “Especially when you have been at the top and seen it all. But you can see Junior has lost none of the ringcraft and skill he used to have - he’s a nightmare to spar with” said the Birley prospect.

“He is so awkward it’s frustrating. He spins around, hits you with a back hand, he’ll move around with his hands in the air or really low, it’s all designed to confuse you. I handled him alright, but its not easy.

“My opponent on Saturday (Belarussian Andrei Abramenka) is not coming for a punch up, he’s more a boxing type, so sparring with Junior has been perfect preparation. I feel I am ready for anybody. This fight will be a big step-up for me but if I can do well against Junior I will be OK.”