Sheffield fighter Sam Sheedy says Bradley Pryce’s reputation will mean nothing

Sam Sheedy right, with sparring partner Jez Wilson
Sam Sheedy right, with sparring partner Jez Wilson
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Sam Sheedy says he is ready to beat former Commonwealth champion Bradley Pryce tomorrow night- but admits he has had to challenge himself mentally in the build-up.

The Sheffield light middleweight, 26, says there is an element of fear in the build-up to every fight but wants to put on a performance of a lifetime.

“I have my own insecurities and I’ve destroyed each and everyone of them about this particular fight” he said. “Originally I thought Oh God, it’s Bradley Pryce I am up against, the former Commonwealth champion. But I soon stopped beating myself up about his reputation.

“After all, I am not fighting his reputation. I am fighting a man with two arms and legs. He is old (33) and may have been distracted by setting up a new gym. I am not saying he isn’t a good boxer any more; he is. But I have wiped away any fear.

“That element is probably worse when you are fighting someone that nobody has ever heard of - you don’t want to get knocked out by a nobody” said Sheedy.

“I will be nervous on the night, I am every time, but I am a positive person and will use it to my advantage.”

Super-fit Sheedy has been hovering around the fight weight for weeks and has trained and sparred hard for tomorrow’s eight rounder at Doncaster Racecourse, particularly with gym-mate Jez Wilson.

“This fight was made at eight rounds, I don’t know why, maybe the old man would struggle over ten or 12” said the Sheffield Boxing Centre southpaw.

“Maybe he does not see me as a threat, after all he has been in with some big hitters. But when he can’t get me out of there after three or three rounds I will start to tear him apart, I am faster, I’ll make him miss and then catch him.”

Sheedy has sold 150 tickets. “People want to see counter-punchers fight- many like the art of boxing” he said.