Sheffield fighter hungry for more rounds

Scott Jenkins
Scott Jenkins
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Scott Jenkins faces a potential banana skin tonight.

The Sheffield lightweight had been preparing to fight an orthodox Argentinian fighter on the Kid Galahad undercard at Ponds Forge.

But a late change was forced on his match-maker and Jenkins now faces his first southpaw opponent, Hungarian Jan Holec.

It is an irritant, but says the unbeaten boxer: “I am prepared an I am confident in my ability and my trainer Grant Smith. I think we will get the tactics rights and obviously I am hoping for a victorious night.”

It’s a six rounder, which is a distance Jenkins will be happy to replace with 10 and 12 round title fights.

“I am getting bored of six, let alone the pubic I can do six in my sleep now. I am hoping to go for a title in my next one, in November, certainly a 10-rounder.”

Jenkins admits he has been protected by matchmaker Richard Poxon and admits the speed he wants to progress at is probably not realistic.

“It’s everyone’s dream you want to be the best straight away, you want to have all the money straight away. To get to the top I suppose it is a slow process. But I am hungry for more rounds.

“I like to give the crowd value for money, like to go and stick it on them (opponents) and put up a good fight and let a few big shots go, Hopefully I can make it exciting (tonight)and get the win.”

Jenkins said he shared the pain of the city’s boxing fraternity over injured welter Jerome Wilson.

“It’s not the first time you’ve heard it happen, but its not as often as it used to. It is a dangeorus sport and when I get in that ring, regardless of the level of opponent, it is always a danger. You go in praying and hoping that it doesn’t happen to you or your opponent you just want a clean, safe fight. I feel sorry for Jerome, he has been very unlucky.

“I just hope when he does come around he can see how much he is loved as a guy and as a boxer.”