Sheffield boxing: World champion Kell Brook benefits from 15-day Canary Island camp

Kell Brook: almost ready to roll
Kell Brook: almost ready to roll
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It’s not everybody’s idea of a Spring break - being on the end of a few right hooks from John Ryder, one of the country’s most power-packed middleweights.

But Kell Brook loved every minute of it - those gruelling exchanges in a training ring in Fuerteventura have been a key part of his preparation for his world title defence.

Some of Brook’s entourage believe the 15 days he spent toiling away on the Atlantic Ocean island represent some of the best training sessions he’s ever had.

“It was very good - all the lads have been pushing me” said Brook, who is now back in Sheffield to working towards his March 28 IBF welterweight defence against Romanian Jo Jo Dan.

“The sparring with John was very good, we got in some great work. John is a great fighter, he stopped (Sheffield’s) Jez Wilson (April 2014) and was in a very narrow defeat to Billy Joe Saunders (September 2013.)

“I also sparred with a tricky Spanish champion, who gave me some more good work.

Then all the lighter lads, Barry Awad, Jordan Gill, Atif Shafiq and Leigh Wood, were very competitive around the track, and all under warm weather.”

Initially, Brook stared training on the island before his scrap with Hector Saldivia at the Arena in 2012 - he KO’d him in three rounds so it’s made sense to continue the practice.

“We follow a similar pattern but the thing is you never stop learning, there is always something new.

“It is never the same camp, we pick things up from the last one, and if something works we use it again, if it doesn’t we move on or adjust things.

“The nutrition has been excellent, none of the food is flown in, it is all fresh meat and vegetables - everything you need.”

Five weeks ago, Brook became a father for the second time, his three year old daughter Nevaeh getting a sister, Estelle.

“I’m down at my mum and dads for sleep now to make sure I get the hours I need” he said.

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