Sheffield boxing star must beware Mexican

Kell Brook
Kell Brook
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Mexican puncher Alvaro Robles predicts his fight with Sheffield’s Kell Brook on Saturday will be an all-out war.

The visitor has a hunch that neither boxer will want to be on the back foot at Liverpool Arena in what is supposed to be a warm-up fight before Brook goes for the world title.

Robles thinks Brook’s muscular style will actually be an advantage to him. “I don’t know much about Brook, but I understand he’s quite a famous guy in England,” said Robles.

“I’ve seen a few little things on video. He can be hit as he doesn’t get out of the way of all the shots. We can work on the basis that he’s going to be coming forward, as will I and neither will run, that will make it easier to catch him with something in the exchanges.

“That’s the type of fight I prefer as I don’t have the biggest reach, so if my opponent comes to me I prefer that.”

The welterweight from Baja California, Mexico added: “I was in training since the beginning of February, but obviously when they called me for the fight I stepped things up and I’ve had some good sparring partners which has given me confidence for this fight.

“The good thing is this fight was sprung upon me when I was already in good shape.”

Brook has respect for an opponent, he admits he knows little about.

“Anybody Mexican who has earned the nickname Tyson can definitely fight” said Brook. “This is his world title fight so he is going to be game, he will be very tough, and he will want to take my head off. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get in there and show what I do, and that is knock people out.

“It is a banana-skin fight, and it’s important because if I don’t win this there is no big one to follow. At the beginning of my training for this fight I thought it might be hard to get motivated but that hasn’t been the case. I have been very motivated and I think it is your instinct as an athlete, as a fighter, to beat your gym-mates in the gym and on runs, and get your personal best out of everything. I have found the willpower and determination and will put on a great display.”