Sheffield boxing: Ryan tells a whopper!

Gloves - Ryan's not reaching for them!
Gloves - Ryan's not reaching for them!
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Ryan Rhodes is not making a come-back in boxing - despite what you might have heard to the contrary!

Sheffield hero Rhodes - a one-time world title contender retired two years ago after losing to Sergey Rabchenko and in the last year he has successfully tried his hand at coaching.

But the boxing web public were all agog after Rhodes appeared on a video clip where he categorically stated that he was coming back to campaign at middleweight.

“Promoters and coaches interested in bring me back to where I think where I belong.. fighting” he said.

But the 11-minute clip is a spoof - the 38-year-old has no intention of coming back.

When former British champion Curtis Woodhouse confirms his own retirement - possibly this week - Rhodes will still have enough on his hands with six other fighters under his stewardship.

Meanwhile another middleweight, Wayne Reed will take on former Olympian Anthony Agogo in Liverpool on July 12.