Sheffield boxing: Dominic Ingle monitors Johnny Nelson’s fitness

Old school: Johnny Nelson with a young Kell Brook, back in the 90s..
Old school: Johnny Nelson with a young Kell Brook, back in the 90s..
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Trainer Dominic Ingle expects Johnny Nelson to prove he is ready to go back in the ring after a nine year break - but he won’t be afraid to break the bad news if he feels he is not up to the task.

Nelson, the former world cruiserweight champion wants to come back for one more fight to stop current champ Marco Huck breaking his record of 13 defences of the WBO title.

There are not many people at the age of 48 could even consider such a challenge.

And with the safety of boxers paramount, especially in Sheffield following the head injury to Jerome Wilson, recently, Ingle will be keeping an eagle-eye on the senior citizen of the Wincobank gym.

“Johnny has been out of the ring for nearly 10 years but he always kept himself ticking over with cycling, boxing bag work and other sports like tennis and badminton where hand-to-eye co-ordination is important - and its not as if he’s the type to have been drinking a lot or smoking or anything over that time.

“There are other fighters out there that are boxing in their 40s and Johnny is the type who wants to challenge Bernard Hopkins still does.

“Johnny had a hip operation in the Summer, but has been training for eight weeks and we will know more in a couple of weeks (about his suitability to compete against the 29-year-old German) when we step it up and it becomes more intensive.

“If he is not going to cut the mustard, then we will have to tell him that.

“It is as simple as that: if he’s not capable he will be told. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but if that is what the reality is, that’s what it is. It is not as if our gym is desperate for him to fight, it is more of a personal thing for him.”