The Sheffield boxing community loved by their diverse community of young gym members

Train, box, and make friends - these are some of the things young people at Firth Park say they get from their community gym.

Monday, 10th February 2020, 4:00 pm
Updated Monday, 10th February 2020, 4:00 pm

Around 70 people attend the gym on a regular weekly basis, many of whom say it plays an important part in their lives.

Administrator and occasional coach, Amanda Kitchen said: “I personally feel that one of the main differences in the kids lives that I have noticed is in their general behaviour and health.”

“Feedback that we have had from participants in the past are things like: that it’s a really friendly place, it helps them to make new friends, gives them confidence and helps them get stronger and fitter.”

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Firth Park Boxing Academy members posing for the camera

The gym has been running for just under four years, and daily sessions are run by the head coach, Hussein Nasser.

It helps kids stay off the streets by focusing their energy and inspiring them with the current members who are serious boxers and provide live examples of what is possible.

“The older boxers definitely influence the younger ones. We have some boxers that are fighting at amateur level and the younger ones look up to them and want to get to that level themselves. We let some of the more experienced boxers help to run the sessions as well. We feel this helps to build confidence and communication skills in the young people.”

“The gym gives them somewhere safe to go, which keeps them off the street as well as giving them something positive to focus on,” Amanda added.

Firth Park Boxing Academy members