Sheffield Boxing Centre kids experience varying lifestyles in California

SBC members with a famous back-drop
SBC members with a famous back-drop
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Seven members of Sheffield Boxing Centre had the trip of a lifetime to California - but it wasn’t all Hollywood dreams.

“The experience was a real eye opener - obscene wealth one minute and homeless on the street the next. The kids learned a lot” said gym owner Glyn Rhodes. Keenan Wainwright, 19, Robbie Brooks, 16 and Leon Musson, 15, took part in a show, the only Brits in a trouble-free event attended by Mexican gangs, said Rhodes.

“We did 1,000 miles of driving, went to Las Vegas and visited the famous Wild Card gym (established in 1995 by renowned trainer Freddie Roach) - it was tiring, very hot, but memorable.

“And we have been invited back next year.”

The youngsters raised £1,000 each to make the trip possible.

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