Sheffield boxing: Amir Khan waits for Kell Brook to ‘fight big names’

Amir Khan, left, lands a left to Chris Algieri
Amir Khan, left, lands a left to Chris Algieri
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Amir Khan still has to be persuaded that a fight with Sheffield’s Kell Brook is big enough for him to consider.

But Frankie Gavin - Brook’s last victim in the ring - believes the Bolton man would lose if their confrontation is to go ahead.

Khan has spelled out his position on a domestic tear-up, saying: “If a Brook fight’s going to happen it will be in 2016.

“There are levels in boxing and my name is getting mentioned with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather – the biggest names.

“Kell Brook isn’t getting mentioned among those guys, so I want Kell to prove himself with some big name fights and beat them. So when we meet, it’s a big fight financially, known around the world. A fight like that would sell out Wembley Arena, but at the moment I don’t think it would.”

Gavin has first-hand knowledge of the IBF welterweight champion and has sparred with Khan as an amateur on the GB team. “It’s the biggest fight in British boxing at the moment” Gavin told Sky Sports. “They are both world level fighters and it’s not a foregone conclusion. If Khan doesn’t turn up he’ll get KO’d; if Brook doesn’t turn up then he’ll get beat on points.

“If I had to put a bet on it, I’d put my money on Brook to win. His accuracy is very good. He picks his shots and knows where he is going to land them.

“He is the most accurate fighter that I’ve been in the ring with. Amir is brilliant, he is fast, his speed is phenomenal.

“He’s the fastest I have ever been in with, but he makes mistakes and gets caught. You put Chris Algieri in with Brook I think he gets knocked out, whereas Algieri took everything Khan had and went back at him.

“Kell is world champion, he’s beaten Shawn Porter who is a better name than anyone that Khan has beaten at welterweight,” said Gavin.

“If you look at the ratings, Brook is above Khan. He doesn’t have to do anything. It’s Khan who has to do it.

“Khan has been offered the opportunity and he should take it. At the moment he is a one-weight world champion and he wants to be a two-weight world champion. He’s going to have to beat Brook.”

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