Sheffield boxing: Adam Etches scorns £10,000 fight with Dronfield rival Lewis Taylor

Adam Etches
Adam Etches
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Adam Etches has laughed off a £10,000 offer to fight his former Dronfield school-mate Lewis Taylor.

In Saturday’s Star, promoter Dennis Hobson offered the purse to Etches in return for a Sheffield-based middleweight contest fight with his man.

Both former Henry Fanshawe pupils are undefeated - and it would be a mouth-watering local clash for boxing supporters in and around the city.

Hobson taunted Etches in a column in Saturday’s Star: “It’s alright being undefeated and beating, with all due respect, sub-standard kids.

“How about testing yourself against another undefeated kid who believes he can go to the top too?

“I’ll offer Adam £10,000 now, that’s not to be sniffed at, and if he wins he goes on to a lot more money. I believe in Lewis and this would be a meaningful fight on his doorstep, let’s get on a great, a local domestic fight!”

Etches was underwhelmed, but philosophical about the challenge.

“I can understand why Lewis’s team are doing this. Lewis has just drawn with a pretty ordinary bloke in Adam Jones (who has a 3-5-3 record) and they want to link his name with someone on the way up.

“So I suppose it makes sense for them to call me out.

“The fact is, though, that I am rated in the top 10 in the world with the IBF, while Lewis would be lucky to be in the top 10 in Britain.

“Let’s face it, this fight is not going to happen.

“Lewis may have been in the year above me at school, but has yet to prove himself at anything like my level in boxing.

“It is alright them suggesting I have only fought average people in bouts that were not meaningful, but all of my last five opponents are better than anybody Lewis has ever been in with.

“He needs to take a step up, but if he couldn’t beat that last kid (Jones, from Denaby Main, at the Octagon, September 13, for the International Masters Silver middleweight title) why would he want to get in with me?

“Adam might be a decent boxer, but he is no puncher and has been in a few brawls. If he stood there with me, even his own fans would know what would happen.

“With all due respect, it would only go one way and I would smash him. It would be like a knife going through butter.”

The prospect of a £10,000 purse doesn’t attract 23-year-old ‘Birley Bomber’ Etches, either.

“I am already getting paid more than that at the moment, so that would be a downward step there too.”

Instead of talk of a ‘Dronfield derby,’ Etches is about to launch a training camp for a fight on another Kid Galahad card in Sheffield, in December. Etches has recently won the IBF International and WBC Youth World middleweight titles.

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