Sheffield boxers join the rebel run

Rebel runners Scott and Adam
Rebel runners Scott and Adam
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Boxers Adam Etches and Scott Jenkins were not going to allow the shambolic scenes before the Sheffield Half Marathon step them going on a training run.

The pair, who are ambassadors for the Star-supported ‘Let’s KO Cancer’ campaign‎ on behalf of the teenage unit at Weston Park chose to join the other ‘rebel runners’ and complete the run anyway.

Birley lightweight Jenkins recognised why so many people were disappointed that a lack of water provision had caused the official event to be abandoned.

“‎To be honest, it was a good run for me but I understand why so many are so upset. For me and Adam it’s like a good training run, but a lot of the others were doing it for charities and they’d trained for it for ages. So you can understand why they’re so upset.

“When we knew what was happening and saw the others go, me and Adam just laughed about it and just set off together. After I was told I’d finished in the top 30 so I’m really pleased with that.”

Dronfield middleweight Adam ‎added: “Doing the run was part of our teenage cancer unit campaign so I’d have been fuming if we had not done it.

The worse part was standing in the cold for so long. Me and Scott were a bit wrapped up because that’s what we’re used to running in, but some people were just in shorts and a vest. Waiting that extra 45 minutes you could see how cold they were getting.

“The best bit was running past the Weston Park stand and having everybody cheering me. My manager Richard Poxon was there with a bottle of water so that never really affected me.

“I’m still not speaking to Scott though! We said we’d run together but he left me for dead.”

The unbeaten fighters are aiming to raise £20,000 this year in a series of events, which The Star is happy to endorse.

The boxers will be back in the ring on April 26 at Ponds Forge. Ticket Line is: 07747474701