Sheffield boxer’s self-doubts disappear

Sheffield boxer Sam Sheedy
Sheffield boxer Sam Sheedy
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Sam Sheedy will never worry about his stamina again, after going 12 rounds with Tommy Langford.

The Sheffielder, who faces Nigerian Abolaji Rasheed, for the Commonwealth middleweight belt on March 24 at Ponds Forge, admits he’d worried about going into the championship rounds.

“Because I was so tired in my previous fight, (10 rounds with Andrew Robinson) I wondered how am I going to do 12. I was fit, but just wasn’t 100% convinced.

“I was worried I’d get to the eighth round, be winning but not able to throw a punch. I had nightmares about that happening. When it got to round seven though I thought ‘I’m better than you’ and I saw his eyes change; he became fearful. I dominated the last few rounds.

“So now I know I can do 12 rounds, I’m confident in how good I am at that level, and I’m not going to worry about my fitness again. I’ll put it all on the line from now on.”

Sheedy added: “I’m not going to do that now. To be honest, I don’t see the Langford fight as a loss because I learned so much from it.

“A lot of people said I won. I lost on a split decision to a Frank Warren fighter on a Frank Warren show, so I can’t really feel too disheartened.

“Finishing the fight, I was coming on strong.

“That was the best Tommy Langford but it wasn’t the best Sam Sheedy, but when I did start performing to my best then I were outshining him.”