Sheffield Arena boxing showdown: Kell Brook has same focus as Naseem Hamed

Kell Brook - in peak form mentally and physically
Kell Brook - in peak form mentally and physically
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Trainer Dominic Ingle claims Kell Brook will go in the ring tonight with the same ‘win at all costs’ attititude that Naseem Hamed had.

Brook defends his IBF world welterweight title against Romanian-born Jo Jo Dan at Sheffield Arena. And Ingle has no concerns for the super-fit Sheffield man.

“There were always three people I was never concerned about getting into the ring, Naseem Hamed, Johnny Nelson and Kell Brook” said Ingle.

“Johnny had a defensive way of dealing with people, they could never get past that, Naz was just Naz, his attitude was it is either me coming out on a stretcher or him. Kell Brook is of that same mentality. So you never worry going into a fight.”

Ingle says Brook can rely on supreme conditioning. “You know when you have done something right, like we did for the Shawn Porter camp, he is in fantastic shape. We had the blueprint for that and we have followed the same pattern.

“I would say he is fitter than that camp because he has had an extra four weeks and is in absolutely fantastic condition.

“He has only done maybe four weeks of sparring, he’s looked fantastic, against bigger kids middleweights, light middleweights, southpaws all different ranges and styles, and within one or two rounds of sparring those guys he adapted and started bringing them down.

“It doesn’t matter what this opponent brings, Kell will be able to deal with it because he has had the variations in sparring. He has trained like a champion. He is more mature now, he has a second child, he knows his future depends on what happens from this stage onwards.

Before it was like a fairy tale dream, I remember going over to America (Porter) and thinking he has always wanted to be world champion but be careful what you wish for because everything he and I’d been saying for years was either going to come back with egg on our faces or big smiles, fortunately it was the latter. I am glad he didn’t let himself and he didn’t let me down.”