No walkover for Kell, says Wilson

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If there is a boxer on the planet best placed to choose a winner from Saturday’s Kell Brook v Matthew Hatton showdown, it’s Jez Wilson.

He has been on the receiving end of both men, as sparring partner, in the last couple of weeks.

Wilson is based in Sheffield - so you would expect a leaning towards Brook, the bookies’ favourite.

But the 32-year-old middleweight is sitting firmly on the fence: “They are completely different types of fighter,” says Wilson.

“Matthew is tough, has a really good engine and is quite difficult to pin down.

“Kell is powerful with both hands, fast and unloads from different angles.

“Both have got their good points and their bad points. But much as I’d like to say who would win, I like them both so I won’t say.”

Pressed over a choice of victor for this coming weekend’s Arena clash, Wilson, of Crosspool, said: “Kell is very fast and very powerful. He has got that KO punch, I’m not saying that Matthew hasn’t. Matthew is very tough, is more of a workhorse, a bit like myself.

“Whether he can withstand some of those shots from Kell, which I know will land at some point, is a different story. Yet Matthew has proved when he boxed world champion Saul Alvarez how good a chin he has got.”

Some observers are predicting an easy night for the Grenoside welterweight.

But Wilson warned: “It won’t be a walk over. Matthew has proved himself over 12 rounds against Alvarez and has a big heart. But Kell’s nickname says it all (Special K.) I do believe he is something special.”