Liam must keep his ‘feet on ground’

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A chauffeur-driven limo will arrive in Manor Park this evening to take boxer/male model Liam Cameron to a posh dinner for his sponsors at G Casino in Sheffield.

It is quite an entrance for a 20-year-old light middleweight with just eight professional fights under his belt. It will be a red-carpet evening for the lad who models for Prada and has his own flashy website. But will the trappings of fame go to the youngster’s head? Not a chance, says his dad, Alan.

“Liam’s a down to earth lad, who comes from a decent background. We have never had police at our door and he has been brought up to realise that being polite does not cost anything. He can do both boxing and modelling, but boxing comes first. He is up at 6am running because he wants to succeed in the sport.

“There has been talk of an English title fight with Brian Rose (who beat Barnsley fighter Lee Noble to the title last November) and that sort of thing drives him on.”

Cameron certainly won’t be quaffing champagne with his sponsors tonight - even the smell makes him “sick” said his dad.