Kid Galahad may have a mundane life now – but he could world champion next month

On the face of it, Kid Galahad has a hum-drum life outside the ring.

Tuesday, 7th May 2019, 11:17 am
Updated Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 3:37 pm
Boxer Kid Galahad at the St Thomas Gym,Newman Road, Wincobank. Pic Steve Ellis

When he is not at the Ingle gym, he is either sleeping, eating or preparing to go back there.

And it is that steely-resolve that might tip the balance, when he seeks to dethrone IBF featherweight world champion Josh Warrington on June 15, in Leeds.

The Sheffield man's trainer Dom Ingle said: "“The thing with Galahad is that he has no responsibilities - he isn’t married, no children and no safety net. If he loses he has nowhere to go on the Sunday after the fight. Josh can go home have a cuddle from his wife, see his kids and think: ‘I’ve had a good run and got a few quid’. He can console himself with that" Ingle told British Boxing News.

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“There will be no consolation for Kid Galahad. The only consolation for him will be waking up on Sunday morning with the belt. That is where the determination comes in.

“Everything to him is boxing he has nothing else. It is his life.”

Ingle thinks it's the Sheffielder's only opportunity of a global belt.

"Galahad is never going to get another chance. He has got to capitalise. It is a do-or-death situation.

“He is never going to get the breaks, he has never had a promoter behind him and still managed to get into the mandatory position.

“That says something about his ability and focus, determination and relentlessness. He has got the same mental make-up as Johnny Nelson.

“He has never had it easy and got in this position himself. Others we had in the gym have fallen by the wayside but he has learnt from them.

“We have had fighters who shone for a period of time like Naseem Hamed, Ryan Rhodes and to a lesser degree Junior Witter.

“They have got into the position of being a world champion, but it’s whether you can maintain it once you’re there."