Kell Brook: the southpaw slayer of Sheffield

Ready to roar - Kell Brook
Ready to roar - Kell Brook
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An Ingle gym ‘spy,’ who has studied every detail of American challenger Errol Spence Jr, believes he is an ideal opponent for Kell Brook on the huge Bramall Lane stage tonight.

Nadeem Siddique, who has been by Brook’s side almost every waking minute of the last nine weeks, believes Spence’s left-handed orientation will be an advantage to the orthodox Sheffielder. “Kell is the southpaw slayer” said Siddique, who at 39 makes a surprise appearance on the undercard of the IBF contest.

“He genuinely loves southpaws. In fact, he prefers them. Why? It’s the Ingle gym! We are used to switch hitting - something we deal with on a day-to-day basis.”

Siddique is sceptical that Spence has the pedigree to beat the world champion in his own backyard, despite his camp’s confidence. “No disrespect to the Americans but they were saying the same about Shawn Porter and Adrien Broner. Spence has been told for six or seven years he’s the next best thing.

“He’s been patted on the back and is starting to believe the hype. He has never done a 12 rounder, never boxed in an event of such magnitude, never been in with someone like Kell, so the pressure is all on him.

“Is he too green? Having talent is one thing but when Kell comes out in front of 26,000 people, and he’s in the corner and that song comes on...he is going to question himself.

City centre weigh-in. By Lawrence Lustig

City centre weigh-in. By Lawrence Lustig

“I’ve studied him inside out. He does most of his work with the left hand, likes to set himself...very good at coming forward, but on the back foot he’s not as good. He has gone into the ring, every opponent prior to Kell, knowing he is going to win. This time it’s a different ball game. When he gets clipped with a clean shot, we are going to see what he is made of.

Brook’s ring-walk will include the Blades’ ‘Greasy Chip Butty’ tune as well as his normal ‘All of the Lights’ accompaniment.

“Kell is going to blow him away. Just like I told you he was going to beat Shawn Porter and nobody would believe me. I think it is going to be a spectacular fight. Having been around him for the past nine weeks, it’s the best he’s been.

“Everything has been spot on, he is in a good frame of mind, he is excited, he is looking forward to it.”

Nadeem Siddique and The Star's Bob Westerdale

Nadeem Siddique and The Star's Bob Westerdale

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