Kell Brook: the cool dude who will become world champion

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Focused and super-cool - that will be Kell Brook’s mind-set in the hour before the biggest moment of his sporting life.

The Sheffield welterweight will not be weighed down by tension and agitation as he awaits to climb into the ring with world champion Shawn Porter, in California on Saturday.

Kid Galahad - backing Kell Brook all the way

Kid Galahad - backing Kell Brook all the way

It will be quite the reverse - Brook will be the most laid-back off all those gathered in the changing room.

Ingle gym stable-mate Barry Awad (Kid Galahad) who has a Commonwealth super bantamweight title match-up at Ponds Forge on September 20, will be with Brook up until the moment the first punches are thrown at the StubHub Center, Carson.

He told the Star he was confident his pal had the mental and physical attributes to beat Shawn Porter, a former training partner of Amir Khan.

“Kell has been training 16 weeks for this fight” said Awad.

“I’ve been watching him sparring and training and I’ve never seen him like this, he’s even better in shape than the (Hector) Saldivia fight (2012.) I believe he is probably the best welterweight out there.”

Awad doesn’t think Porter will be able to “go past eight rounds” with the South Yorkshireman.

Porter looks a great physical specimen, said Awad, but “there is no point looking the part and being strong if you don’t have the boxing skill and the power.

“On that night nobody would be able to beat Kell. He has timing, strength, power and size, numerous things” he said on video at

“He has skill set...he can do more or less everything.

“In dressing room, I personally believe he will be cool calm and collected. He will absorb it all in and waiting for his time to come. There are no nerves, not really. I’ve been with Kell for most of his fights and he doesn’t really get nervous. He just goes quiet. He’s probably just thinking what he is going to do when he gets in the ring.”

Awad said that within 18 months time he expects to join Brook as a world champions, saying: “Sheffield is the boxing capital of England!”