Kell Brook sparring partner compared to Gennady Golovkin

Liam Williams and Kell Brook at the Wincobank gym
Liam Williams and Kell Brook at the Wincobank gym
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Liam Williams’ brief hasn’t been an easy one: fight like Gennady Golovkin and go 30 rounds with Kell Brook.

Neither would be on most people’s wish-list, but the Welsh warrior has loved the experience of being on the sharp end of the Sheffield world champion’s gloves.

The light middleweight was booked in for five sessions to help the IBF champion prepare for the most dangerous fight in world boxing againstexplosive middleweight ‘GGG.’

Williams hopes the experience has helped the South Yorkshireman - as it has certainly benefited him.

“It’s been a massive opportunity for me” said Williams.

“I was told they picked me because I had the most similar style to Golovkin in this country. I was taken aback, I hadn’t expected that.”

Liam and his trinkets

Liam and his trinkets

GGG is regarded as a pound-for pound best and a come-forward fighter but Liam said: “To be honest I can do a bit of both, I pick the style that I feel the most comfortable with and go with it. I think they (Ingles) wanted me to come forward in the sparring and put it on him, to make him work.”

Brook, 30, has a reputation of not taking prisoners in sparring.

“I am exactly the same” the British and Commonwealth champion said. “I don’t see the point unless you are hard sparring. You are not going to learn much until you are on the end of some punishment. Kell has a lot more experience than me” said the 24 year old Welshman.

“I’ve had 16 fights (15 wins, one technical draw against Sheffield’s Tyan Booth) while he’s had 36. I haven’t been rocked in the sessions but there have been a few rounds where we have given it to each other” said Williams, who said he was about the same size as GGG.

Liam on route to Sheffield

Liam on route to Sheffield

“Kell is a very good counter-puncher, a boxer-fighter who can go on the back foot or come forward and have a go. I rate him very highly, he’s got everything.

“Ability-wise I think he is on another level than GGG and I am not just saying that because I am sparring with him. He is technically better, definitely. He punches very hard and is very accurate, he doesn’t waste shots” said Williams.

“Obviously he’s had to jump up in weight to take the fight - but he is a massive welterweight and GGG is a small middleweight.

“GGG has a ridiculously hard punch. It all depends whether Kell can deal with the pressure and all the shots coming his way.

“People recognise me as a bit of a puncher and I have been throwing some hard shots, but I have seen no vulnerability with Kell; he can take a punch.”

But in his heart of hearts, can Williams see Brook winning?

“It depends how he takes the shots and deal with pressure, if he does well there, he wins. I don’t know who will win, but I hope he does.”

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