Kell Brook’s rib injury foe lands title

Russian boxer David Avanesyan
Russian boxer David Avanesyan
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The irony won’t have been lost on Kell Brook.

The training partner who injured his rib during sparring, inadvertently denying him the chance of defending his world belt for the rest of the year, has become a global champion himself.

Brook was injured by Russian David Avanesyan (W21, L1 D1) at the Ingle gym nine days before he was due to fight Argentina’s Diego Chaves. At first it was hoped the Sheffield IBF welterweight king would have recovered to fight again this year - but it has not healed as quickly as he’d hoped for.

Meanwhile Avanesyan moved on capturing the interim WBA World welterweight title in Monaco, last weekend.

The 27-year-old has an interesting back-story. He left his home country to seek expert professional training and, after visiting a few UK gyms, plumped for Carl Greaves Boxing Academy in Newark.

As he was preparing to box Charlie Navarro in Monte Carlo, Avanesyan jumped at the chance to be paid to spar with Brook, arguably the best welterweight in the world.

Carl said: “It is a great opportunity when you get the chance to spar with a boxer of Kell’s pedigree, both were training for big fights and it was always going to be competitive. Both had their moments in the spar, although Kell was probably in control for much of the time.

“David wasn’t getting anywhere in the first two rounds and I told him: ‘Don’t stand off him, go to him.’ He did and delivered the body shot which caused the injury. David said later that he heard Kell wince, but the two carried on sparring” said Greaves.

“Kell seemed subdued afterwards, not his normal self and there was no shadow boxing, pads or bags for him.

“He left, I presume he went to hospital and then sometime later I found out he was out of the Matchroom show (October 24.) Eddie (Hearn, promoter) must have been pig-sick. Nobody, ofcourse, will have been sicker than Kell. But these things happen. Kell is a big kid who probably has to go through torture to make weight, but he seemed on track and it was a big shame for him.

“I’ve known him a long time and I was gutted for him.

“David was upset for him too, but as with all boxers, there is also a positive feeling whenever they have done well sparring a quality fighter like Kell.”

Greaves said it was possible that Avanesyan, who lives in Newark for nine week camps before fights, could reach Brook’s level, eventually. READ MORE: {|Click here for all the latest news from the boxing scene|CLICK HERE