Junior's close Shave with ring legend Ernie

Junior Witter has a distinguished guest in his corner as he prepares for Friday's world title defence.

The Sheffield WBC king received a good-luck call from Ernie Shavers, a legend of the golden era of heavyweight boxing in the 1970s.

Shavers, who went 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali in Madison Square Garden 30 years ago this month, is regarded by many as the hardest hitter in history.

Ali famously said: "Earnie hit me so hard, he shook my kinfolk back in Africa!".

Witter, who takes on Vivian Harris at Doncaster Dome on Friday, said: "I was in the ring at the far end of the (Wincobank) gym when he first walked in. At first I thought it was another sparring partner. Then I realised he was too big. He looks great for 62."

"I invited him to the fight. I remember watching him fight Ali. He was one tough fighter," said Witter.