Jailed Sheffield boxer ‘deserves a second chance’

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A boxer jailed for assaulting a Sheffield casino bouncer has served his time, buried the past, and is heading back to the ring.

Callum Hancock was jailed for 21 months for breaking a 46-year-old bouncer’s jaw, cheekbone and eye socket with a single punch, in September 2015. He pleaded guilty to GBH.

But the 6ft 3ins middleweight from Eckington has paid his dues and his trainer Ryan Rhodes want to see his boxing license restored. Rhodes said: “100% you will be seeing Callum back in the ring. He is an honest genuine kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was put in a position, he defended himself, and it went to court and he was sent to prison.

“Callum has completed everything that the police have asked of him. All of his conditions. So from July 31 we will be applying for Callum’s professional license again (with the British Boxing Board of Control.)

“Fingers crossed we will be seeing Callum in the ring in October, November time.”

He said a return to the sport meant “everything” to the Derbyshire man, who trains at Rhodes gym in Shalesmoor, Sheffield.

“Callum, from being a young kid, has just dreamed about winning boxing titles.

“He has served his time but now he is in the gym every day training very hard, getting his weight down.”

Rhodes said Hancock trained in Doncaster prison, helping other inmates, during his term of absence from society.

He still looks in fantastic condition, is naturally fit, said Rhodes adding: “It is time to move on now.”

Callum Hancock v Dan Brown 27/02/15

Callum Hancock v Dan Brown 27/02/15

Undefeated Hancock said on instagram that people who doubted him all “played a part” in his rehabilitation.

*Liam Cameron has pulled out of the Dennis Hobson promotion at Ponds Forge on Saturday, following Sam O’maison’s switch to another date.

But there are currently ten fights on the Sheffield bill, including the unbeaten Loua Nassa.

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