I would love to teach Eu a lesson, says Cameron

Liam Cameron left, after his win over Harry Matthews
Liam Cameron left, after his win over Harry Matthews
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Liam Cameron reckons Chris Eubank Junior hasn’t earned the right to showboat like his Dad did.

Eubank senior captured world titles at middleweight and super middleweight - and loved to prowl around the ring like a lion.

His son, a 23-year middleweight is is bathing in the limelight of both his family connection and an unbeaten start to his career after 10 fights.

Unbeaten Eubank Jr’s last fight was an eight round TKO over plucky Tyan Booth, who, like Cameron, trains out the Ingle gym in Sheffield.

Cameron says: “I’d love to fight Eubank in September.

“He’s not achieved anything like I have (W 14 L2.) Other than Tyan, all he has ever boxed have been journeymen.

“His attitude is strange, you have to get up there first, before you can start doing the things he does to opponents - he’s really disrespectful.

“He has not boxed anybody of the calibre that I have fought. I’d love to teach Eubank a lesson.”

Cameron strolled to a comfortable points win over York’s Harry Matthews at Ponds Forge, in May.

“Matthews is no mug. He gave Eubank a hell of a lot of trouble (the pair fought at Hillsborough Leisure Centre in 2012, Eubank won on points.)

“But he didn’t trouble me.”

Cameron, a 22-year-old middleweight, has -like Adam Etches - been sparring with Kell Brook, who is preparing for a match with American Carson Jones, in Hull, on Saturday.

“The sparring brings out the best in me” said Cameron.

“You have to think when you are in with someone like that, Kell is so fast, powerful and accurate.

“I have a reach advantage and he has such strength, we catch each other.

“He certainly hits hard and I can see him trying certain shots out, but I’m watching him!

“He’s on it. He shows no mercy in sparring. You certainly have to step your game up against him. You can’t do tippy-tappy with Kell!

“Our spars used to be one sided, two or three years ago he slaughtered me. But I have improved a hell of a lot and I really enjoy the sessions.

“Kell was disappointed with his injury (a foot complaint forced him out of a planned IBF world title challenge with Devon Alexander.)

“But he seems to have got it out of his systemmand is training hard - he’s firing on all cyclinders.”

Cameron says he’d be happy to fight anybody in the top 10 rankings of his division.

He says a clash with English middleweight title, Danny Butler, 25, from Bristol, is “certainly winnable.”

My learning fights - like against Jez Wilson (Sheffield Boxing Centre) - are over.

“I want to get up that ladder now” he says.