‘I’ve got Denton’s number,’ claims rival Duncan

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International Masters champion Lee Duncan says Reagan Denton is running scared and is only prepared to fight hand-picked opponents.

He said: “For a fighter with 11 wins out of 12 contests he doesn’t seem to have much ambition these days.

“His last opponent had only one previous fight and lost. His next opponent on April 30 has had only one fight and won.” Duncan, currently at Hallam University studying business, added: “Maths isn’t my strong point, especially equations, but I fail to see how Denton would need to complete a six-round fight and a 10-round fight if he intends to knock me out in 70 seconds; it simply doesn’t add up.

“But from a business point of view, I think Denton and his team realise once I have schooled him in the ring his career as a fighter is over and his reputation on the Manor will be in tatters.”

Denton, aged 32, takes on London’s Darren McKenna tonight at Don Valley as one of nine bouts on the Royal Rumble card.

However, Dominic Ingle, who trains Duncan with his father, Brendan, believes a Denton/Duncan bout would be a massive local derby and would sell out most small halls in Sheffield.

“If Reagan thinks the fight with Duncan is easy, I would expect him to jump at the opportunity to get an easy title win,” he said.

“Instead he is making excuses and putting obstacles in the way, saying he needs a six and a 10-rounder first.

“Denton is 32 and time is running out. He needs to put up or shut up.”

First bell at Don Valley is 7:15pm. For tickets call Chris Smedley on 07501 360603.