Hobson slams Brook contest

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PROMOTER Dennis Hobson has delivered a body blow to Kell Brook’s high-profile match with Matthew Hatton next month, claiming it’s not the real deal.

Hobson claims the Sheffield Arena contest is a foregone conclusion and a more legitimate 50-50 fight will take place at Hillsborough on March 3, a fortnight earlier. That’s the night Doncaster’s European champion Jamie McDonnell fights Frenchman Malik Bouziane in a world title eliminator.

Hobson said: “Brook is at a different level to Matthew; he’s fighting the Hatton brand, rather than Matthew.

“It’s just a decent pay day, rather than Brook taking on a genuine world class boxer. Jamie’s fight is a proper ‘trade’ fight - but Kell’s is more a commercial event.

“Kell could demolish him. People point to how Matthew went the distance with Saul Alvarez, (WBC light middleweight title) but Alvarez never got out of first gear.

“The proper fight in Sheffield is Jamie v Bouzaine. Jamie is WBC number two and Bouzaine drew at world title level (IBF 2010). Sheffield is a boxing mecca, so I expect lots of Sheffield people turning up to support Jamie.”