Heavyweight won’t quit despite first round KO

nathan gorman beats david howe
nathan gorman beats david howe
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Ryan Rhodes says the painful return to the ring of Sheffield man-mountain David Howe won’t see him shuffle off into retirement.

Howe, 36, returned to the fight scene in July after a two year gap, lost and was then KO’d within 2:27 minutes of the first round last Saturday by Ricky Hatton fighter, Nathan Gorman, aged 20.

David Howe

David Howe

It would be easy for the 6ft 8ins titan to call it a day - but that’s not going to happen, said Rhodes. “David and the rest of us in his corner were all gutted by the way it went. But he was up against a prospect who I reckon will be a very, very good fighter in the next 18 months or so.

“David had followed the game plan, everything behind a good jab, and a good defence, to control a very aggressive fighter with fast hands.

“But he made the mistake of dropping down to Nathan’s height (6ft 3ins) on the ropes and got caught by a shot right through the middle to the chin.

“David took a knee and was a bit dazed and the referee stopped it.

“If he had been beaten by a journeyman or novice, it might be different, but Nathan is no mug” said Rhodes.

“David was gutted but we will re-build him. He’ll take a bit of time out but we’ll get him on another Sheffield show, hopefully, before Christmas.

“He has the character to come back and this defeat has not put him off, at all.

“He may be 36 but he has had a short professional career (15 fights in eight years) and is enjoying it. We will assess where he is going over the next few weeks.”

Gorman said after the contest: “I’m buzzing. It’s my first title and I did it in one round. Howe was supposed to my first real test and I got him out of there quickly. I knew I had the power to stop him, but I wasn’t expecting it to come so soon. Everything just clicked.”

Rhodes said he had been concerned by the rib injury which took Ramzy Nasser out of his show last Friday, at Bramall Lane.

Nasser had suffered it sparring with Adrian Fuzesi.

Rhodes said: “It is bound to be a bit of a worry as it was the same rib where he suffered a similar injury,

“But a similar thing happened to me and I had another ten fights or so after that. This is boxing, we’re not playing marbles...people get hurt, but they come back from injury.”

Rhodes was delighted to see Ecclesall’s Adnan Amar return from a four year absence to outpoint unbeaten Laszlo Szilvai last weekend, at super middleweight.

The plan is to get the 33 year old down to light middleweight, he said.

n Jerome Wilson, the Sheffield boxer who survived a major head injury and coma after his fight with Serge Ambomo has sent his sympathies to the family of Mike Towell.

“A cruel and unforgiving sport boxing can be at times” he posted on Facebook. “My condolences to his friends and family.”