Glyn Rhodes: Curtis Woodhouse is the real deal

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TRAINER Glyn Rhodes is the first to admit he underestimated Curtis Woodhouse.

When the former Sheffield United footballer became a boxer, he viewed the transition with a healthy dose of scepticism.

“I thought Curtis might be a circus act who wanted to try his hand but wouldn’t last” said the man who has prepared Woodhouse for tonight’s English light welterweight title battle against Derby’s Dave Ryan at the Magna Centre, Rotherham.

“But after 20 fights, he is now a seasoned operator and has come on really well.

“Tonight will be difficult and I have told Curtis that he will lose the first three rounds as Ryan dances around and boxes his ears off.

“But after that, Ryan will have to come down off his toes and start engaging with Curtis. And that will be where he can win the contest because Curtis has power and stamina.”

Sheffield Boxing Centre duo John Fewkes and Lee Edwards are considering coming out of retirement. They have not boxed since May 2010.