From checkouts to knockouts for humble Kid Galahad

Normal guy: Kid Galahad outside the shop where he helps out
Normal guy: Kid Galahad outside the shop where he helps out
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HE’S a rising star watched by millions of TV viewers.

‘Kid Galahad’ - the kind of slick, unbeaten boxer who promoters find easy to thrust into the bright lights of national publicity.

It’s enough to turn a young Sheffield lad’s head.

Some say the glare of public attention was the main reason another Ingle fighter, Naseem Hamed, faded from the boxing scene.

There’s not much chance of Barry Awad getting big-headed though.

His family and mates will keep him in order.

And so will customers at the newsagents in Worrall, where he has a ‘normal job’.

Galahad, aka Abdul Barry Awad, hopes to take another step up the ladder on Saturday when he takes on Brampton’s Josh Wale at Hillsborough Leisure Centre.

Wale is hoping to take Galahad’s WBC International super bantamweight title on a Channel 5 show.

But he will have a job on against the well-grounded 22-year-old who lives in Shiregreen.

“I didn’t get into this sport to be famous - just to win,” says Awad. “I want to be a world champion, but I have no wish to be some sort of public superstar. Some people get star-struck because boxers appear on TV, but underneath it all everybody is human.

“I don’t think I am special just because I have been on TV and some people know who I am. In 10 years’ time or so, all that will be over, and I won’t be a boxer anymore, so I keep my feet on the ground.”

Awad, who is happy to help out at his uncle’s shop in Worrall, added: “Brendan and Dominic (Ingle) have always drilled it in to me to never believe the hype.

“It showed with Johnny Nelson. He is always on Sky TV but he has never tried to come over as though he is something special.

“If you start to believe your own hype things will fall apart pretty quickly.

“I know I have a long way to go and that means putting the work in.”

Tickets for this Star-backed fight are available at the Hennessy Sports Box Office at 01925 755 222 or at