For Brook and Saldivia, it’s winner takes all...

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WHEN Kell Brook and Hector Saldivia run their eyes down the list of opponents that the other has faced over the past eight years, the names don’t really mean a great deal to either party.

Saldivia has only boxed out of his native Argentina three times and is hardly a household name over here.

So the fact that the south American has won 41 of 43 fights means he has been successful against fighters of largely unknown quality.

And from the visitor’s point of view, while Saldivia has seen some film clips of Brook, he is relying most on video footage of the Sheffielder’s last fight against Carson Jones.

That might be a mistake, as Brook was off-colour that night and insists it “wasn’t the real me.”

Yet Saldivia is confident his track-record more than matches up with the South Yorkshireman.

“I have fought better boxers than Kell has” he told The Star, thorough an interpreter.

“When I saw the video of the Carson Jones fight I could not understand why Jones didn’t throw a punch for so many rounds.

“I have had tougher fights than the one I’m going to have with Brook, from what I have seen.

“I am ready for this fight and have been for a long time.”

The pair square off tonight before more than 6,000 fight fans at Sheffield Arena. They are duelling for the right to compete for the IBF welterweight world title.

Brook is eager to show the boxing world that he is rejuvenated and infinitely better prepared for this fight than previously.

The unbeaten 26-year-old, who would one day love to fight Ricky Hatton, at Bramall Lane, said: “I can see me hurting this guy.

“Whether it is by catching him cold with a knock-out - bang - or by wearing him down it doesn’t matter. I am going to win.”

Asked whether Saldivia’s previous reluctance to fight abroad could be an advantage to Brook, the Ingle powerhouse replied: “I don’t know, he might think he needs to rise to the occasion.

“After all the winner gets a guaranteed shot at a world title. For me and him its a fight to the end.”