Exiled boxer Barry faces another year of frustration

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Banished boxer Barry Awad has decided against an appeal against his two year ban for failing a drugs test.

The Ingle star had hoped to put a fresh case towards the Boxing Board of Control, but has now accepted that he will almost certainly have to serve the remaining year of his suspension.

Kid Galahad - another year to serve in the wilderness

Kid Galahad - another year to serve in the wilderness

The super-bantamweight star - who goes by the ring-name of Kid Galahad - denies any intentional wrongdoing and has claimed his brother spiked one of his protein drinks.

But his trainer Dominic Ingle said: “We finished his appeal because the evidence that we needed and all the stuff to make it go forward wasn’t in place.

“So we had to knock that one on the head.

“He will always put doubt in people’s minds that (drugs) is what he did. You don’t need to do that when you are a dedicated as he is - you don’t need to cheat.”

Ingle remains 100 per cent sure his unbeaten fighter is innocent of knowingly using Stanozolo.

“There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever. If that was the case, (that he’d taken drugs intentionally) he would have disappeared somewhere and gone and done something else. Who is going to sit out for two years?

“The last 12 months he has been training, he is a dedicated kid. He will come back on track. When he finishes the ban he will be 26 and a half, he has got to make up for lost time.

“But the way boxing is going - we’ve heard Jamie McDonnell talking about moving up to super bantamweight, in a year’s time where is Scott Quigg going to be, where is Carl Frampton going to be? We don’t know.”

Ingle said the sheer athleticism and desire of a competitor who was on the verge of breaking on to world level will mean he will go straight back into long-round fights from September 2016.

“Maybe a title fight to go straight back into it” said Ingle. “Or a 10 rounder then back into a title fight. He has got that kind of ability. He is a natural, Barry. He can do it. And that is what he is focusing on.”

Ingle said Awad had been devoted to the sport since he walked into the St Thomas gym at the age of 14.

“He doesn’t float around doing his own thing, he listens, he does what he is told.

“If anything was going to go wrong (during the ban) I think we’d have seen in the last 12 months.

“He goes into the gym, does his own little thing, keeps himself fit, does his runs, morning and night, trains himself. He is about eight pounds over his championship weight. He is not out partying, he knows the only way he can step back into where he was is to carry on what he is doing.

“There are things going off in the process we might get some time reduced, I don’t know. We are still on with that, his solicitor is still dealing with the situation.

“He might return to the ring earlier. But from now we are going to have to accept he has got another 12 months.”