‘Erm, sorry about knocking you out, referee’

Own goal: Reagan Denton mistakenly decked the official.     Picture: Sarah Washbourn
Own goal: Reagan Denton mistakenly decked the official. Picture: Sarah Washbourn
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SHEFFIELD slugger Reagan Denton has made a public apology to the man he KO’d in the ring...Doncaster referee Michael Alexander.

Denton has been moving his head sharply out of the way of an expected punch from his opponent, Scunthorpe’s Jody Meikle, when the back of his head smashed into Alexander’s nose. The official was carted off to hospital with a broken nose and a cut that needed six stitches.

Denton said: “I want to apologise to the ref, as I didn’t see him afterwards. I’d known of Jody from the time I went inside (Denton was serving a jail term at Doncaster’s Lindonholme prison) and there’s always been a bit of a rift between us. The Don Valley fight was horrible, dirty, Meikle was elbowing me, grabbing me around the neck and just being a roughhouse because he has no skill.

“He is unpredictable and at one point I jumped out of the way and the back of my head went straight into the ref” said Denton (W13 L1.) “The only mark I had on me at the end was a cut on the back of my head caused by the bone in the ref’s nose! I know he won’t hold it against me because he’s a professional.”

It was an uncomfortable event all round for Alexander. He courted controversy for counting out Denton’s stablemate Carl Wild, a decision criticised by trainer Glyn Rhodes in yesterday’s Star. But 33-year-old Manor fighter, Denton, said: “Carl should have been up quicker, he was probably still on his knee at eight.”

Denton aims to take on another Sheffield light heavy, Lee Duncan, soon.

Sheffield boxer Joe Rodgers, 21, has turned professional. The two-time national amateur champion and former England international from Parson Cross ABC has signed a two year deal with Manchester based manager Damian Jones and will debut at Barnsley Metrodome on September 23. Rodgers will be trained by Jamie Kennedy at the Millennium Gym, Rotherham. Rodgers is hoping to attract some local sponsorship: if you can help ring 01942-275634 for further information.