Dronfield's Lewis Taylor lies in wait for Sheffield's Sam Sheedy or West Brom's Tommy Langford

Lewis Taylor believes that Sam Sheedy's quest for the British title will end in failure - but if he succeeds, he wants first shot at taking the belt off him!

Tuesday, 18th October 2016, 7:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 8:10 pm
Lewis Taylor after beating Sheffield's Jez Wilson 21/11/15

Dronfield middleweight Taylor was beaten in his last fight by Tommy Langford, the man Sheffield’s Sheedy contests the Lonsdale belt on November 26.

It frustrates Taylor that he wasn’t on his best form against the unbeaten Devonian who outpointed him on March 12.

“After that fight I was disappointed with myself, I could have done more and performed better” said 26 year old office worker, who has a Won 18 Lost 2 Drawn 1 record.

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“I switched off three or four rounds and just went through the motions. But I have learned from it.

“At the end of the day Langford is a quality kid and is wanting to go on to bigger and better things. But if I fought him again I know I would win. A different Lewis would be in there and one determined to show I am the real thing.”

When the Derbyshire man considers the impending Sheedy v Langford contest, he isn’t swayed by any local sentiment. “Personally, I don’t feel Sam is big enough or strong enough” said Taylor. “He has the slippery southpaw style but I think the size difference will be a factor. In one way, I would like Langford to win because I lost to him and I’d like to see him go on up the levels but if Sheedy won I would love a local derby for the British title!

“At the end of the day, though, I think Langford is too big and too strong. He has had a lot of decent fights and I don’t think this one will faze him too much.”

Sam Sheedy and trainer Glyn Rhodes

Taylor has had a quiet year so far, not campaigning at all in 2016 other than the Langford loss, which came on the high-profile Terry Flanagan v Derry Mathews bill on Merseyside.

“I was supposed to fight in May-June time but I didn’t have enough notice and couldn’t sell enough tickets. The plan was to fight (unbeaten) Alfredo Meli but I pulled out of that. Then my (promotional) contract ran out with Dennis Hobson so I looked around, because it is a big decision and I took a bit of time.

“Eventually I went with Dave Coldwell. I thought it was time for a change and Dave is in with the big names and has a good relationship with Sky TV and I need some exposure to help my career. I don’t think Dennis wants to work with Sky.

“Hopefully I can get on some good shows, I don’t want to be fighting muppets. I want kids with a top 10 ranking.”

Sam Sheedy and trainer Glyn Rhodes

Taylor has in mind the likes of John Ryder and he said he would be interested in a local derby with Adam Etches.

“The priority for me is exposure but I would love the British title, I would like to say one day that I had won the Lonsdale Belt” said Taylor, whose next fight is an eight-rounder at the Metrodome, Barnsley, on December 16.

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