Dronfield boxer can ‘beat’ Sheffield area rivals

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There must be something in the air in Dronfield.

The town has churned out no less than three current professional middleweight boxers, all of whom were at Henry Fanshawe at the same time.

Lewis Taylor

Lewis Taylor

But while there is mutual respect between Adam Etches, Rod Smith and Lewis Taylor, there’d be no love lost if they got in the ring.

And one of them, Taylor not only believes he can hold his own with the rest, and others in the Sheffield area, and is not afraid to be criticise his rivals.

Etches is ‘over-blown,’ in terms of the public’s perception of him, he claims. Liam Cameron “bottled” his big fight with Jez Wilson - he says, but then admitted Cameron is probably the pick of local middleweights.

Speaking on video at thestar.co.uk, Taylor said: “I’d like to think I am one of the top boys. I always think I could beat them. Adam is blown out of proportion in a way. Don’t get me wrong he’s got the punching power; if you get hit by that shot you are going to be out. But I think just because he is getting his name around with tickets, he sells a lot, I think they have blown him out too much. I think I’d beat him. He’d not be able to stay in with my work-rate. Again, he has got a heavy shot and if he landed that shot it could be good night but I don’t think he’d quick enough to hit me” said Lewis.

“I don’t think anyone in Sheffield has his punching power. It’s a gift, you can’t train to get that shot, it’s just special, but you can’t KO somebody if you can’t hit them. I don’t think he is as good as everyone makes out.”

Unbeaten Taylor, 23, (W10 L0) is looking forward to the Smith v Cameron fight (Dec 13.) “It will be fairly close, Liam might nick it. But Liam might lose his head a bit, when the occasion comes, he sort of bottled it against Wilson. Liam is good, he is been underrated a little bit, he is a lot more awkward than people think. Out of them all, I’d probably say Liam is the top performer.”

Taylor insists he is “up there” with the best local fighters and pledges: “I would fight anybody in Sheffield. I’d just get in there and do what I got to do.

He hopes that promoter Dennis Hobson will increase his exposure with more TV fights, in the future.

The Dronfield boxer is due out again on November 29 at Ponds Forge.