Doncaster’s Jamie McDonnell’s killer tune

Jamie McDonnell has pledged to enjoy his world title fight ring walk at the Keepmoat on Saturday
Jamie McDonnell has pledged to enjoy his world title fight ring walk at the Keepmoat on Saturday
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Few entrance themes in boxing get the hairs standing on the back of the neck as much as the one Jamie McDonnell will walk to the ring to on Saturday night.

The ovation created by the opening bars of The Killers’ Mr Brightside at both the Dome and Sheffield Arena have been immense.

And anticipation is building for the moment the song begins at around 9pm on Saturday at the Keepmoat, sending McDonnell to meet Julio Ceja for the IBF world bantamweight title.

Arguments are likely to rage in this part of the world whether Mr Brightside is better than Sheffield Kell Brook’s choice of Kanye West’s All Of The Lights.

Whatever the answer, there is little doubt that Mr Brightside has become interlinked with the story of Jamie McDonnell.

The line ‘destiny is calling me’ is likely to ring through McDonnell’s mind as he chases the world title this weekend.

The 2003 hit was actually originally chosen for McDonnell by his twin brother Gavin, now a British super bantamweight title hopeful.

“It was actually our kid that picked it – he might be regretting that now he’s got into boxing,” McDonnell said.

“It’s become a part of me as a boxer and I love it.

“I try not to listen to the song until fight night because when it kicks in then I can think ‘hello, here we go.

“When I’m out running and things are going through your mind I do think about that moment when it comes on.

“I can imagine looking around and knowing it’s time.

“You only get a minute to walk to the ring so I’m going to try and pace my walk to get a bit longer and lap it up.

“I want to enjoy that ring walk.

“You hear the song start, walk out and you’re faced with all these people.

“It’s just you in that moment and you’re thinking to yourself that all these people are here to see me.

“I’ve felt that before and it’ll be the same again.

“You can get a little bit lost in that moment and it isn’t until you go through the ropes that it hits you again what you’re there to do.

“When I win, that walk back to the changing room will be even better but I’m looking forward to the ring walk.”

Mr Brightside has become part of one of McDonnell’s few pre-fight superstitions.

The 27-year-old buys a new CD of the track in the build-up to each bout.

His dream is to fight in Las Vegas with The Killers playing him to the ring live.

A public weigh-in will be held for the Jamie McDonnell v Julio Ceja fight today at the Frenchgate Centre in Doncaster.

The weigh-in will begin at 1.30pm and take place outside Debenhams and Waterstones on the first floor of the Frenchgate. Anyone wishing to attend is urged to arrive from 1pm.