Do not Hector me about football, Kell

Kell Brook
Kell Brook
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KELL BROOK’S public relations photo showing an Argentinian shirt wrapped around a punch bag was a harmless enough stunt, given some of the things boxers say about each other.

But you won’t find Hector Saldivia getting drawn into any nationalistic argument with his English hosts. The visitor has no interest in letting national loyalties obscure his vision of beating Brook at Sheffield Arena on Saturday.

Brook has drawn attention to the sporting rivalry between England and Argentina saying: “I’m going to do my bit to settle an old score” - a reference to Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ goal against England in 1986.

“I am Argentinian but I am conscious I don’t want to get mixed in anything else, like any conflict between England and Argentina” Saldivia told The Star, through an interpreter.

“This is a great sport, Kell has probably done what I have, trained very hard; this will be a great combat between the two of us and that is nothing to do with nationalities.”

Saldivia, who has never fought in Europe before, is confident of KO’ing Brook. “I am going to win it outright, there will be no (judges’) decision necessary.”