Denton seeks derby duel

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REAGAN Denton today responded to a challenge for a Sheffield ‘derby duel’ - and promised a super-fast knockout of his opponent.

Lee Duncan, a Pitsmoor-based Hallam University Student, has called out Denton, saying he would like to compete with him for the Central Area Title.

Ingle-trained Duncan recently won the Light Heavyweight International Masters Title in Essex and is hungry for another belt.

Denton, who lives on the Manor, said: “I would love to fight him - my last fight (against Ingle figher Courtney Owen) ended in 77 seconds, so I’ll make this one 70 seconds!

“Owen was from the same gym as Duncan, and everybody had been saying he was going to beat me, but he didn’t and now I am going to KO his mate. Duncan is a tricky switch-hitter in the Brendan Ingle style.

“I will train and prepare wisely - I need to get a six rounder and a 10 rounder under my belt before the title fight (10 rounder) some time in the summer.

“My co-manager Dennis Hobson is promising me a couple of fights, maybe I could fight Duncan on a Jamie McDonnell (Doncaster’s European bantamweight champion) title show in Sheffield.

“I want to win my own titles and to get on the big bills. I will get fitter and faster, my weight is down already and I am ready to go.”