Dennis Hobson’s Star boxing column

Boxing - Uzair Najib v Muheeb Fazeldin - post fight brawl - Photo by James Williamson
Boxing - Uzair Najib v Muheeb Fazeldin - post fight brawl - Photo by James Williamson
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A question and answer session with Sheffield promoter Dennis:

Reflecting on the disorder at your last show – was the situation avoidable and will you, or the boxers, be in hot water?

There was no police called, it was a lot of bravado and everyone was talking to each other afterwards. It was unfortunate and not needed but it was dealt with quickly and correctly. There will be a few people up in front of the British Boxing Board of Control but as far as they are concerned they’re happy with the manner it was dealt with. I’m annoyed that it happened because we put on lots of shows, there’s always a great atmosphere. This was a one-off.

Were you surprised by the way Muheeb Fazeldin dealt with Uzair Najib, stopping him in the first round?

Uzair played into Muheeb’s hands because he was square on, looking for a fight and wanting to take Muheeb out. It showed that Muheeb is just slightly ahead in progress and once he got him he didn’t let him off the hook. Uzair didn’t have a ‘Plan B’, but that comes with experience. I was surprised by how quickly it ended because I thought it would be a war for a few rounds but they were like two gunslingers and anything could’ve happened. It was like a mini Hearns vs Hagler! Total drama - it would’ve made a great TV fight.

Uzair is talented and he’ll come back and progress. Muheeb came out on top and has a very exciting future. Muheeb has got the area title, a great belt to have, and we’re looking for something even more meaningful now. If these two ever meet again in the ring though it cannot fail to be drama.

Ross Burkinshaw has plenty of ambition, what’s the plan for him next?

Ross has just relinquished his Commonwealth bantamweight title and we’re looking at a world title route for him. Both Stuart Hall and Martin Ward won the Commonwealth and afterwards I got both of them a world title shot. Stuart won the world title, in the right place at the right time, and if Stuart can win one who’s to say Ross can’t? So that’s what we’re going to pursue. We’re grateful to the Commonwealth for the opportunity and if Ross comes unstuck he can always go back for it. But I’ve got a plan, it’s not come off yet but it doesn’t involve defending the Commonwealth.

Ross will be next out on May 30. He’s got so much confidence now, he just exudes it and he’s a different fighter. It’s a world title route we’re going down and we’ll be looking at an international opponent for him next.

Big time boxing has returned to terrestrial TV. How important is that and can you cash in in that in the future?

Boxing should be on terrestrial TV. Even world champions aren’t household names, and terrestrial TV does that. Boxing is now in lots of schools, there are boxercise classes everywhere. We’ve ploughed millions into developing good kids at an amateur level, who eventually turnover to the professional game and it’s sacrilege that terrestrial TV isn’t showing boxing. It should also be all over the back pages of the newspapers, not just