Dennis Hobson column: Tyson Fury will beat Dereck Chisora

Dereck Chisora (left), promoter Frank Warren (centre) and Tyson Fury
Dereck Chisora (left), promoter Frank Warren (centre) and Tyson Fury
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Dereck Chisora versus Tyson Fury this Saturday: who wins and why? And is this sort of match-up between two controversial and occasionally volatile individuals good for British sport?

At the end of the day, they’re two fighters and it’s their profession. You can’t stop them earning their living but sometimes they do go over the line. Muhammad Ali used showmanship, but things like shouting obscenities, well it’s not helping to promote the fight. Someone needs to have a word with them and say ‘Look, we can have a bit of theatre, but draw the line.’ It’s a good match, two quality heavyweights and I think Fury will have just a bit too much and win a points decision. Tyson has this unbelievable winner’s mentality. He leaves himself a bit vulnerable, can get chinned, but I think he’ll smother Chisora and mess him about. It’ll be a better fight than the first one; Chisora will have a go and he’ll always be in a good fight because he goes for it.

Out of all the prospects on your Sunday show at the Octagon- who is the most likely to be an eye catching champion in the long-term?

I keep beating the drum about Waleed Din but he does excite me. He’s in a division [flyweight] where there aren’t a lot of other fighters, and he’s had two fights and two stoppages which you don’t often get in that weight category. He’s got great pedigree, a good head on his shoulders; he’s the one for the future. I’m really excited about plotting his path and am looking for him to go all the way.

How do you see the Jason Cunningham versus Jason Booth fight going on Saturday in Doncaster?

I think Cunningham will be too busy for Booth. He’ll establish himself as a super-flyweight, will go on to fight for the British title soon and if I can have a hand in that then I’ll look forward to it. He is potentially a very good fighter, he’s still maturing and this is a great learning fight for him, as was the Ross Burkinshaw fight, and that defeat could be the making of him. I think he’ll overwhelm Booth and the tempo that he sets, rather than the punch power, and the volume of punches means he could stop Booth. If Booth has cut any corners in training then he’ll get found out because he won’t want Cunningham in his face for 10 rounds. Booth has been a quality fighter, has got natural ability but now you worry about his health in his more mature years. For the good of boxing I think he should pack in. It’s maybe the only thing he knows but he shouldn’t play with his health.