Dennis Hobson column: Loua Nassa has to follow orders, but Tommy Frank could be Sheffield’s next star

Tommy Frank, left, and SBC gym-mate colleagues, Keanen Wainwright and Kane Salvin.
Tommy Frank, left, and SBC gym-mate colleagues, Keanen Wainwright and Kane Salvin.

Did Loua Nassa – beaten last weekend in a Commonwealth eliminator - fail to justify your confidence in him? It looked like he'd got it all wrong at your last show. What next for him?

I think he’s capable of beating kids like that (Nasibu Ramadhan,) but he boxed the totally wrong fight. He didn’t use his attributes.

He didn’t do himself justice so I can’t really answer about whether he justified my confidence in him. He stepped up to better than what he'd fought previously, but Loua played into his opponent’s hands, he was moving the wrong way against a southpaw.

I think he was trying to make a statement from the first bell and didn’t seem to box to orders. It's a shame because he does have ability. He needs to go back to the drawing board and box to a plan.

Tommy Frank looked controlled his fight and boxed his way to success. He has one KO in 9 attempts - is power something he can improve on?

Tommy stopped his previous opponent in Leeds before fighting the African (Adam Yahaya.) I do think it's in his make-up to be stopping kids though, and he's getting his man-strength. He's not a concussive puncher at the moment. But if he tweaks his style a little bit, he has the snap and devilment in his punches to get kids out of there.

He's slick as a fighter, and I think in his next few fights he'll start planting his feet and stop kids - he's on the brink of that at the moment. His performance the other night was perfect, he mixed up defence and attack and it was a class performance. He could be the next Sheffield star in my eyes.

How would you describe the ringside attendance at Ponds Forge? Was the Freesport TV element was a commercial success?

What we're doing is giving fighters a platform to fight at a great venue where there’s been - in the past - some terrific fighters perform. Naseem Hamed has fought there, we've had a Clinton Woods world title fight there, there was a Steve Collins v  Chris Pyatt world title show there.

So, it's a prestigious venue and we're giving ‘up and coming’ kids a platform on TV. I was happy with the attendance and atmosphere. I've done countless shows and it wasn’t one where I was concerned about attendance.  

There wasn’t a major title on the line, but we had two very good ‘up and comers’ in Tommy and Loua topping the bill. And I certainly thought Tommy justified being top of the bill. I thought the atmosphere was smashing.

Amir Khan wanted a 10lb rehydration clause in Kell Brook's contract before agreeing on a fight:  would this be potentially dangerous for Kell?

It's just a normal procedure with the IBF, there’s a check weigh in on the morning of the fight and you can’t be more than a certain poundage over what you officially weighed in at the previous day.

I can’t see a major problem with it. Kell has good people around him regards nutrition. I'm pals with Amir, and I'm from Sheffield and know Kell. I think if the fight happens though and Kell gets his head on, then it could be a positive outcome for Kell.

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