Dennis Hobson column: Curtis Woodhouse and I disagree on Sheffield football rivalry but I respect his boxing passion

Billy Joe Saunders
Billy Joe Saunders
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Curtis Woodhouse’s return - what do you make of that?

Returned – who for Sheffield United!? They should be starting him off on the bench...and he should stick to what he’s good at; tell him I said that! Like him or loathe him, he brings a bit of theatre, and he knows what he’s doing. I can’t knock him too much. He’s on the wrong side of the city because he’s a United fan.

I respect his love and passion for boxing, though, I think he’s still got a bit to bring to the table. There might even be the odd fight we could do together – him against one of our fighters might be good, if there’s TV involved. Sam Sheedy’s been biting a bit on Twitter, and it’s all good. Sam might be too big, but he could possibly still make light-middleweight so it not that out of the question. I’d have a look at that. Sam has got a big hurdle to get past first though in Liam Cameron.

Stefy Bull is putting some good shows on in Doncaster - can he blossom on to the national stage?

Stefy has done well, and I’ve helped him earlier on in his career. If he rang then I wouldn’t say we wouldn’t do business together again. He’s done well, I’m not sure how far he can go, he’s done well for some of his fighters, but he’s had a bit of a leg up. More than a leg up than I ever got. I wouldn’t put the phone down on him though, and I’d still talk to him about doing business even though we’ve had a disagreement.

How good is Billy Joe Saunders in comparison to other world champion middleweights - and how do you see his title defence going?

Curtis Woodhouse (right)  back in the ring after a long absence.

Curtis Woodhouse (right) back in the ring after a long absence.

Billy Joe is a talented kid. I almost signed him, it was between me and Frank Warren. I really rated him, even before he turned pro. He’s stagnated and isn’t as active as he should have been; when he beat Chris Eubank Jr he should have moved on and maybe fought in the States.

He’s still young to make himself a worldwide name though. I think he’ll beat Monroe Junior, he’s got all the talent, and I think there’s another gear in him waiting to come out. He needs to kick on now.

Training with the Ingles is a good thing. I’m not saying they’re absolutely number one, but they are very experienced and it’s now down to Billy Joe to apply himself. He can’t keep changing trainers, he’s got get his head down and build his legacy.

I’m looking forward to seeing him.