Dennis Hobson column: Brook v Khan is worth £5m each, at least

Will the door ever open for Brook v Khan?
Will the door ever open for Brook v Khan?
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Jessie Vargas is a WBO welterweight champion. Therefore is he a credible and competitive opponent for Kell Brook?

Yes, I think he is. He’s not an elite name but he’s a decent fighter. I don’t think he’s the big-name fighter that Kell should be involved in at this stage of his career but he is decent.

He is a world champion but it’s not mouth-watering and it’s not really doing it for me. He is one of the better opponents that he’s fought though. absolutely.

You are close to the Amir Khan family - do you reckon, given a fair wind, you could engineer a Khan v Brook contest, and if so what sort of purses would you envisage for both men?

I think it would be a minimum of £5million apiece. I absolutely think I could have made it too. I’m not saying definitely, but I think I could because I was in conversation with both parties.

I’ve got a good relationship with Amir, and I know Kell and we get on even though he’s with the Hearns (Matchroom promoters.)

I’d loved to have made it for the pair of them, and for Sheffield too. Kell wants to be involved with big names, he’s got a family and he wants to make his money and get out with his faculties intact.

But to do that he’s got to be involved in some big name fights. I don’t know if the people he’s involved with are happy for him to be taking tick-over fights and getting a percentage.

He needs to be in big fights but the people around him aren’t doing it and I think there’s some financial reasons why it’s not happened.

I’m not sure there’s much chance of it [Brook versus Khan] happening now but if anyone ever wanted me to help make it happen then I would.

I don’t have a magic wand, or think I’m something I’m not, and I think there’s less chance of it being made now.

However it’s not dead in the water though and if anyone wanted me to help they know my phone number. I’m a neutral and I’d try for both parties to make it happen.

Dave Allen is making a name for himself, but how far could he really go in the heavyweight division - and is his policy of calling fighters out on social media a valid one?

Dave has got quality and I’ve seen that in the gym. I’ve always had a soft spot for Dave even though I felt let down a bit by him.

He’s got his issues but hopefully he’s grown out of them now and I’d love him to do well. He has got ability but he’s lazy.

I don’t think he’s as lazy now as he was and he does have the capability to upset some bigger name fighters. He needs to take some decent tests now to see where he’s at, get involved in a British title eliminator and then maybe get involved on social media with a bit more credibility.