Dennis Hobson boxing column: Thoughts on Tommy Frank, Sunny Edwards, Billy Joe Saunders, the Ingle gym and Carl Frampton

Tommy Frank has reached Commonwealth level. What does he need to improve on and perfect to get to world elite?

By Bob.Westerdale1
Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 8:35 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 12:55 pm
Tommy Frank second left with Sheffield Boxing Centre gym mates
Tommy Frank second left with Sheffield Boxing Centre gym mates

He needs to keep doing what he's doing. He’s improving and developing naturally as a man. He's maturing mentally all the time. He lives the life and is getting the absolute best out of himself. I'm more than impressed. I thought he had it in him, but this was a learning fight at that level and he’s ticked all the boxes. He's added more to his game than I thought we'd start seeing in another couple of fights.

Charlie Edwards thinks his brother Sunny would smash Tommy. How quickly can that fight be made?

The only way that fight is made is if Sunny keeps winning and if he wins something meaningful. We've got something they want, so obviously he's going to call Tommy out. Junior Witter called Ricky Hatton out all his career. Tommy is a well-supported, popular fighter and brings more to the table than Sunny. For us to fight Sunny, he's got to have something that we need as well. It's a great fight in the offing and if Sunny keeps winning then hopefully we can make it for some kind of world title. That's how I see that fight. Sunny needs to keep winning, because I believe Tommy will keep winning, and that's the reason I believe the fight was inevitable. I've taken people to world titles with less ability than Tommy.

Sunny Edwards

Billy Joe Saunders has left the Ingles. Without knowing the details, does it disappoint you, generally, how boxers join gyms, talk them up as if they are the best places on Earth...and then leave?

Yes, it does. I don’t know what's happened there, Atif Shafiq and Kell Brook have both left. It seems since Brendan has gone that a little bit of the camaraderie might not be there anymore. It seems that since Brendan's departure, bless him, that a bit of the soul might have gone out of the gym. I don’t like to see kids leave gyms but there’s a few left the Ingles gym now in recent times. My first thought is that these kids wouldn’t have left if Brendan had still been there.

Carl Frampton has signed for Top Rank. Do you see this supercharging his career?

Yes. Top Rank are a major player. I have a good relationship with them and when Tommy Frank gets to that level we might do a co-promotion with them.They deliver and have stood the test of time. I think he will revitalise Frampton, like he has done with Pacquiao. He's relaunched Pacquiao and made him relevant again