Dennis Hobson boxing column: ‘Amir Khan would have too much experience for Kell Brook at the moment’

Amir Khan celebrates with seconds left against Devon Alexander in their welterweight bout Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014, in Las Vegas.
Amir Khan celebrates with seconds left against Devon Alexander in their welterweight bout Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014, in Las Vegas.
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Why does Amir Khan keeps dismissing a fight withKell Brook?

It’s just a business decision. Khan’s exploring the elite league and Kell’s not quite there yet. Amir’s a member of that elite league, he’s earned the right because of the company he’s boxed in, and that elite is a different level in terms of earning capacity. Khan’s after Mayweather and there are a lot of people, including me, who think his speed could trouble Floyd. I’m not saying he’d beat him, but Floyd could have some dodgy rounds and it would be interesting to see how he coped with Amir’s speed. Because of the company he’s been in, Khan has too much experience at the moment for Kell. Now he’s won a world title, Kell needs to establish himself with two or three big names and then it becomes a 50-50.

Where does Sheffield come in the top UK cities?

Liverpool has taken off, and there’s Manchester too, but Sheffield is in the top three. Kell has won a world title, and we’ve had world champions like Clinton Woods, Junior Witter and Johnny Nelson. We keep rolling them out, there’s more coming through. We’ll throw a few more up in and hopefully I’ll have one of them!

Sheffield’s Ross Burkinshaw defends his Commonwealth title against Leeds’ Terry Broadbent on February 21.Is Terry a worthy challenger?

Yes. Terry’s had a lot more notice than Ross had when he won the title and he’s taking this very seriously. He’s sold over 250 tickets already, the atmosphere will be electric and definitely he’s a meaningful challenger - the Commonwealth committee wouldn’t allow it otherwise. Terry will be prepared and it’ll be very competitive. It should be on TV, the entrances and atmosphere will be great. It’s a derby and Terry won’t be found wanting. He fancies the job, this could be a banana skin for Ross.

On the same show, Uzair Najib and Muheeb Fazeldin are two inexperienced Sheffield lads fighting for a Central Area title. Your thoughts?

They’re inexperienced in that they haven’t had stacks of fights, but they’ve served part of their apprenticeship and this is the next step. They’ve been round all the gyms and they want to be fast-tracked. There have been fighters who’ve won the British title after less than 10 fights, so I’m not fussed about inexperience. It’s a great 50-50 match up, and it could be the fight of the night. I wish I had a Central Area title on my mantelpiece, because it’s a great achievement. These two lads will give it their all.

* Dennis Hobson Promotions presents Ross Burkinshaw versus Terry Broadbent for the Commonwealth bantamweight title at the Sheffield Octagon Centre on February 21.

Also appearing will be Sheffield’s Uzair Najib and Muheeb Fazeldin contesting the Central Area super-bantamweight title; Dronfield’s Lewis Taylor; Sheffield’s Waleed Din, Nicolie Campbell, Ramzy Nassa, Pharys Nassa, Loua Nassa, and Razaq Najib.

For ticket information please call 01142434443 or 0741344166