Daddy’s girl will help proud Kell

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Boxing: Reports and news.
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KELL BROOK hopes to become a Dad today - and far from giving him sleepless nights and domestic chores to contend with - it could help him become a better boxer.

Brook’s partner Lindsey is due to give birth to their daughter, a factor which Brook’s opponent Matthew Hatton has already traded on. Hatton described fatherhood as “a difficult period...hard to stay focused on training”.

But Brook says it will make him stronger. “Matthew was trying to get into my head and he couldn’t have got it more wrong,” said the 25-year-old.

“We sat down as a family and discussed what’s going to happen when my daughter is born. While I might take a few days off, I’ll be stopping at my mum and dad’s at night (in Owlerton) so I won’t suffer sleep-wise. My daughter is somebody else to work hard for, I want to be successful and provide for her so she can have a better life.

“The birth is due and has been driving me on. I went for a run today and it spurred me on into a big sprint finish!”

Brook faces Hatton at Sheffield Arena on March 17.

The Sheffielder champion also commented on promoter Dennis Hobson’s views that he should win easily and the bout won’t compare in 50-50 terms with the Jamie McDonnell v Malik Bouziane event at Hillsborough on March 13.

Brook said: “Dennis had a disagreement with the Hattons; that’s probably why he said that.”