Could you turn down £100,000 for half an hour’s work? Clinton did.

Clinton Woods: he's not skint!
Clinton Woods: he's not skint!
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Sheffield legend Clinton Woods had turned down a £100,000 offer to step back in the ring.

The IBF light heavyweight world champion was given the opportunity to don the gloves again and face Enzo Maccarinelli.

Woods, 42, hasn’t boxed since failing to reclaim his belt against Tavoris Cloud in Florida, in 2009.

That seemed to be the end of a glittering 48-fight career (W42 L5 D1.)

But recently Woods has re-discovered his hunger for the sport and speculated he might want to fight old Glen Johnson again. That prompted an approach from Maccarinelli’s camp, suggesting he came out of retirement for a showdown.

“It was tempting. I thought about it but in the end I didn’t want that carrot dangled in front of me” Woods told The Star. “I was offered £100,000 which is a lot of money and I know I would beat him. But I have a busy gym (Westfield) and have just started training pros again (Woods started dong this a while ago, but then went back to amateurs only.)

“And I am not skint. I don’t have a flash lifestyle and I don’t need the limelight. Why would I want all that? I don’t need it.”

Woods’ former promoter Dennis Hobson confirmed an offer had been put to him. “It was awkward really. I didn’t want to ring Clinton with it - he is like family to me and I knew what his reaction would be” said Hobson.

“But I was asked to ask him and I did. There are world champions who don’t get purses like he was offered, but Clinton knows what is best for himself.”

Swansea-born Maccarinelli, 33, was stopped in five rounds by Juergen Braehmer in Germany in April; the pair were contesting the WBA World light heavyweight title.

* Woods has another battle on his hands, at the moment. He wants to extend his gym, but is at loggerheads over the removal of some trees.