Charlie Edwards coasts through first world title defence but his ears take a bashing

He may be a world champion but that does not prevent Charlie Edwards from getting a good old telling off.

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 9:41 pm
Updated Sunday, 24th March 2019, 4:58 pm

And that is just what trainer Grant Smith delivered to the WBC flyweight champion when he got a little too comfortable in his first world title defence on Saturday night.

Sheffield-based Edwards was coasting through his clash with Spain’s Angel Moreno, picking shots with ease, evading whatever came back and just looking a class above his challenger.

So in the fourth round, he began showboating – dropping his arms to his side, flinging out shots, posing and gurning in Moreno’s direction.

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It says plenty about the rollicking he received at the end of the round from a furious Smith that he rarely strayed into extravagance again.

His backside had not even touched the stool when Smith launched into his rant, ordering his charge to get back on the gameplan and stop being careless.

That the TV commentators were forced to apologise for some of the language used reflected just how angry the Steel City trainer was.

It was such guidance that drew Edwards to Sheffield from his native Croydon and helped him capture the WBC title last year.

Edwards went back to slick and disciplined boxing and demonstrated the first defence of his cherished title was something of a mismatch.

Brave Moreno deserved plenty of credit for his resilience and determination. He never stopped walking forward and soaked up all manner of hefty shots that were landed with superb accuracy by Edwards.

But you need more than toughness to belong at the elite, which is certainly where Edwards resides.

He looked a classy, skilful operator, picking his shots superbly and finding plentiful gaps while maintaining a strong pace through 12 busy rounds.

A stoppage did not look likely other than an eighth round touchdown by Moreno off a straight right, bringing a standing count which the Spanish fighter protested against.

Uppercuts landing with sickening regularity, rocking Moreno’s head by he continued to come.

There was never any doubt over the result, with all three judges even showing unanimity with scoring, each awarding Edwards the contest by 120-107.

Tougher tests will await but as first defences go, it was a pretty impressive night for a fighter whose star is only growing.