Bruised ribs and ego: but Ryan pleased with Curtis

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There have been times when a wincing Ryan Rhodes has fancied getting his own back on Curtis Woodhouse.

But it wouldn’t be deemed acceptable if a trainer started bashing his trainee around the head in vengeance- even if this is boxing.

Curtis Woodhouse with Ryan Rhodes.

Curtis Woodhouse with Ryan Rhodes.

Rhodes, the former world title contender who is preparing Woodhouse for his Commonwealth title bid on Friday, has had the unenviable job of being the former Sheffield United footballer’s punch-bag in the run-up to Friday’s scrap with Willie Lomond.

“I employed a body bag to help us with this fight” explained one of Sheffield’s all-time favoured boxing sons. “Curtis has been doing a lot of body work. My ribs have been really sore over the last few weeks, As the weeks have gone on, Curtis has been punching harder and faster so, I have been suffering quite a lot!”

Rhodes admitted he sometimes felt like giving his scholar a clip back. “He knows when he has hurt me. I’ll move off and he jumps on me and gives me some more!”

Woodhouse and Lomond also contest the former midfielder’s British belt in Glasgow, on the Sky TV bill.

And Rhodes believes Woodhouse will beat the more seasoned operator, in his own back yard.

“I think Curtis’ jab will be a big, big factor in the fight, a lot of people underestimate it, but his sparring partners in the preparation for this fight can’t believe how good a jab he has got.

“Everybody knows he can have a fight but don’t they realise how much of a good boxer he is” said Rhodes.

“He has long arms, uses them to his advantage with long shots. He is not just thinking about having a war, more about keeping it long when he has to. He has never looked as good and never looked as sharp.”